SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Keys to SEO

One of the keys to SEO is making sure you keep your website updated, new and fresh. Whether you do this with a blog, change your homepage with new offers, coupons or new products, it serves to show Google that your site is "alive".

Building Inbound Links

The more inbound links you have, the more important your site appears and the higher you rank in the search engines. To build inbound links, write high-quality, educational or entertaining content that make others wants to link to you. Write guest posts for other blogs which offers extra content for others and inbound links for you. Finally, find link building opportunities with other quality websites.


Keyword Density

Focus on placing your most important keywords within the content areas of your actual pages in the headlines, sub-headlines, content, image tags and links. Pick a primary keyword for each page and focus that page on that word. There is more to be done as well with keeping xml sitemaps up to date. All these areas can make a big difference in your rankings.

Video Importance

Today's consumers love video. They love to see how something works. They love to see what something looks like. We are visual people, and video satisfies our need to know.

The search engines will rank websites higher if they have video embedded into their pages. So, start taking video of your processes, your projects and your people. You will earn higher search engine site rankings and have better click-through on your site. These are all key things to attract more customers.


Why Video Helps Your Ranking

Not only are video results increasingly common in Google's search results, but your videos stand a much better chance than your text pages of being shown on the first results page.

On the keywords for which Google offers video results, we found an average of 16,000 videos vying to appear on results pages containing an average of 1.5 video results -- giving each video about an 11,000-to-1 chance of making it onto the first page of results. By comparison, there were an average of 4.7 million text pages competing for a place on results pages with an average of just 9.4 text results -- giving each text page about a 500,000-to-1 chance of appearing on the first page of results.

Now that's a lot of math, but here's what it means: on the keywords for which Google offers video results, any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index. Those are some attractive odds.

Source: Forrester Research