Website design


Style Selection

Building a new website for your organization begins with your preferences, likes and dislikes. Collecting examples of sites you like and sites you feel would meet the needs of your customers is the best place to start. Brochures, sell sheets, advertisements and newsletters can all be used to get a flavor for your corporate marketing style. We will then offer you sample designs from which to choose and we are off!

Gathering Content, Images and Video

Your website is an extension of your image and your marketing branding. The content will be written to be an extension of your marketing message. Your project and staff images personalize your site and allow us to customize it to your needs. Professional stock imagery can be used when necessary. Videos that you can created will be embedded where appropriate. We can also offer you a service for virtual tours of your facility or project for a reasonable cost. Content, images and video offer a balance for website interactivity to keep your customers engaged.


Review, Training and Planning

After your site is populated, you will be able to review and recommend changes. If interested, we will offer training on the content management system software to allow you to make changes when needed. Or, we can do them for you. We will incorporate social media links and help you set up a schedule for regular updates to keep your site fresh. Once your site is live, consider it like a conversation with your customers. The more active you in in maintaining your customer relationship via the website, the more engaged and loyal your customers will be with your business.


Take a look at our website portfolio and see some of our work.


Website Timing

Let's do the website together in your timeframe. We have created some sites in as little as 4 days, but typically a 90 day window is more appropriate. This allows you time to gather your images, video and materials, and allows us time to build out the site and finetune the website content. A typical website development timeline appears below.

  • To begin: you provide logo, images, marketing materials, make a design selection and down payment.
  • 2-3 weeks: we set up the server, email and website components. You will be able to review the site design online with 2-3 revisions. We will tweak website framework.
  • 45 days: site is halfway. Additional materials you were gathering should be completed. Menus are built, pages, galleries and forms are in development. Second payment is due.
  • 90 days: site is complete, you make final review and changes are implemented. Your new website goes live, the final payment is due, and training is scheduled to allow you to make changes going forward.