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Responsive Web Design

Over 50% of people viewing a website look at it on their smartphones. Google acknowledged this by releasing a mobile-friendly update to their search engine. Websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly will rank higher in organic search results.

We build the responsiveness in our templates so your site is viewed properly on all devices and your customers can find you and stay on your site.

Mobile Apps

The UWM App Brewery helped us build an app for Brain Brawn & Body.   



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Did you know?


Over 38 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish.

Google Translate does not always translate it properly. We can help you engage with Spanish-speaking customers with proper content.

  • Are you effectively reaching Hispanic customers?


  •  We can offer you a Spanish-version of your website. Your customers now know you are aware of their needs and are communicating in a way that makes them feel understood. What a great way to gain new customers and increase customer loyalty!
    See an example of a Spanish page.
    See an example of a Spanish website.